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The BPI® RGB Spectrometer™ is a colorimeter:  a device that analyzes color and describes it in terms of  a mathematical model of  human vision.  It can be used by itself as a free-standing colorimeter, or it can be connected to the USB port of a PC (not  included).

Used by itself, the device reads the color of a lens or filter and displays its results in three systems: [1] RGB and Tv (measured relative to the internal light source and sensors);  [2] CIE XYZ coordinates referenced to a D65 source; and [3] CIELAB coordinates. For a bit more information on color coordinate spaces, see colorimetry.

In conjunction with a PC, the included software displays and can store for future reference the same information displayed on the meter itself, and it also provides a procedure by which an operator can correct the color of a dyed lens to make it match a standard lens more closely. A set of correction dyes is available whose characteristics are known to the software.

The correction process consists of measuring or retrieving the color of a standard lens and then repeating the cycle of measuring the sample lens, asking for a suggested correction, and then tinting the sample lens in corrector dye according to the suggestion.